Live music – wine, spirits and coffee on the side – Part 3

Need a musical pick-me-up? Shelbyville, KY has the music, artist and venue every weekend. From musicians performing in a winery to a band rocking out in a distillery to a variety of talent playing in a coffee house – this is a town that loves its live music.

Brews and bands

With its original paintings and other artworks, books by local authors and eclectic seating and decorations including old crates and jugs and a Radio Flyer wagon, Harvest Coffee &Café looks like an artists’ enclave. And it is. A community-focused café serving local whole foods and gourmet coffee in an antique store setting, Harvest hosts not only artists and authors, but musicians, too.

Harvest crowd sm

Live music at Harvest Café/Photo: Cheryl Van Stockum

Just about every Friday and Saturday evening, the café features live music in a setting that seems tailor-made for mellowing out over a menu of sandwiches, soups, salads, sweets and pastries and Cellar Door’s small-batch chocolates.

Monthly house musicians are locals Reggie Van Stockum, Corey Tyler, Matt Simons and Nick Cottrell. Filling out the calendar, according to general manager Louise Riley, are up-and-coming artists and/or bigger headliners.

Harvest MattSimons

Matt Simons

“Local greats like Lewis Mathis, Tom Hynes and Lynne McReynolds Chenault have rocked out in Harvest’s cabaret atmosphere,” said Van Stockum. “The Patsy Cline-voiced Chloe Tate Jackson plays there regularly.

“I often have the pleasure of backing up the soulful singing of Sophie Deaton and am especially pleased when Melinda Mathis Hardin joins us at the microphone. She and her brother Lewis are the heart and soul of the music scene in Shelbyville.”

Visit Harvest Coffee & Café’s Facebook page or website for more information.

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