What Makes Ball and Mat Studio the Perfect Relaxation-Destination By Rachel White

Locals and visitors alike already know Shelby County as a hub for horses, shopping, and delicious cocktails. But did you know it’s also a haven for deep relaxation and restoration? Ladies and gents, grab your yoga mats. I’m about to introduce you to my newest Shelbyville hidden-treasure.

How I found it I discovered Ball and Mat Yoga Studio a couple months ago when a Facebook-ad for a yoga-workshop snagged my attention. (Don’t be fooled. I’m no yogi. Okay yes, I own a mat, but still no Kate Hudson-leggings. I just really dig activities that invite my wacky brain to be a part of it.)

After I realized the studio was in Shelbyville, I was interested, but what sold me was the class description: “Reduce stress and be good to your body through deepening your mind-body connection.”

Why try it Being good to my body has always been one of those things I come really close to doing; something I constantly recognize I need to do (thanks a heap, 4 p.m. crash time, dairy-imposed indigestion, and sporadic thoughts of anxiety and insecurity), but something I’ve become far too casual about making happen.

If I’m honest with you, it’s hard to claim (and keep claiming) wellness for myself all on my own. Maybe you can relate?

Ball + Mat to the rescue! To say Melanie Tinsley is the owner of Ball and Mat Studio is an understatement. Melanie and her team of amazing instructors are more like a beating-heart that set the studio’s calming atmosphere into motion. And Melanie would be the first person to relate to the self-care struggle. In fact, this common tug-of-war we all feel between choosing wellness and falling into old habits is what inspired her to open Ball and Mat.

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“The body and mind both want to be well,” Melanie told me at a Vino and Vinyasa event last week, “but we have to provide them with the tools to get there.”

And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you visit Ball and Mat Studio. It invites people from all experience-levels, body-types, and walks of life to claim wellness for themselves through making available the practical tools to work towards healing and growing in a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

What’s waiting for you From daily yoga flow to Yamuna body-rolling classes, Ball and Mat will be ready to meet you wherever you are on your wellness-journey.

First timer? You’ll be more than welcome at any of the special workshops offered each month. While the kids are on fall break, bring them to Kids’ Yoga on Tuesday, October 16. Or partner with FIT 4 PREVENTION for a yoga class Friday, October 19th, in honor of Breast-Cancer Awareness Month. For more detailed class descriptions, visit their website!

What will keep you coming back A class at Ball and Mat is more than just a physical practice. What I’ve enjoyed most is being surrounded by people who, like me, want to learn to value rest and care for their body. There’s something beautiful about people who have jobs, kids, and busy brains taking off socks together for an hour and recognizing collectively our need to recharge.

What now?

Find Ball and Mat Studio in historic downtown Shelbyville, along the intersection of Sixth Street and Henry Clay, and sign up for your first class, visit ballandmat.com !