RFP Website Redesign

Request for Proposal
The ShelbyKY Tourism Commission (SKYTC) is pleased to announce their Request for Proposal (RFP) for a redesign of www.VisitShelbyKy.com tourism website.
To facilitate the review process, applicants can submit proposals either on paper or via email. Please see the attached RFP for complete details. All proposals must be well organized and succinct.

Hardcopy and/or email versions (no facsimiles) of proposal must be RECEIVED by the ShelbyKY Tourism Commission office by the close of business:
February 19, 2021
Send proposals and direct all questions to:
ShelbyKY Tourism Commission & Visitors Bureau
1011 Main Street
Shelbyville, KY 40065

Chenelle Mcgee, CEO

Website Redesign RFP

1. Background
The Shelbyville/Shelby County Tourism Commission was formed by ordinance of the County Fiscal Court in 1989. A three percent transient room tax and three percent restaurant tax in Shelbyville/Simpsonville fund the operations of the commission.
“The overall mission of the ShelbyKY Visitors Bureau (also known as Shelby County Tourist & Convention Commission) is to increase the economic impact of tourism in Simpsonville, Shelbyville and Shelby County; to identify attractions and recreational opportunities and to promote (market & advertise) Simpsonville, Shelbyville and Shelby County as a travel destination; to strategically identify potential new markets; to give priority to those markets which have the highest potential to sustain and increase the transient room tax and restaurant tax in Shelby County; and to give support and assistance to all tourism entities within the cities and county.”

2. Project Overview and Objective
To remain competitive in the ever-changing digital world, the ShelbyKY Tourism & Visitors Bureau is seeking proposals for site redesign of www.visitshelbyky.com, which promotes the local tourism product. We also own www.shelbyvilleky.com, www.visitshelbyville.com, www.visitshelbyvilleky.com, www.visitsimpsonville.com, www.visitsimpsonvilleky.com which are links to our current site and are used for advertising tracking purposes. The website redesign must add life to the site, capture and hold interest, and ultimately increase traffic. It must be easy to maintain and grow, must deliver trackable results and be easily navigable for all users. We require a CMS with a decoupled architecture, allowing multiple content and development teams to work concurrently without getting in each other’s way.

3. Current Situation
To meet marketing objectives, SKYTC requires the development of a unique website that can support integrated marketing campaigns that embody the incredible diversity of our service area as a destination and meet the needs of each of our audiences.
The Internet is an essential part of the SKYTC’s marketing campaign as more people turn to the web to research travel destinations. As our digital footprint evolves, it is essential to update the website with the latest technology to ensure that potential visitors will find the information they are seeking quickly and efficiently, and return to the site frequently. By implementing these new technologies, the SKYTC seeks to convert people who are researching destinations into actual visitors who will visit Shelbyville/Shelby County/Simpsonville, Kentucky. The current design has become outdated. The new design is intended to transform this site and carry it to a new and heightened level of appearance, usability, and comprehensiveness. A new theme is needed to convey a message to the public.

The primary goal of this project is to transition the existing website and its content to a more user friendly, robust Content Management System (CMS) that can be used as a tool to meet all of our marketing goals.
It is important that it is easy to manage and offers in-depth reporting to our industry partners (any tourism related business that wishes to utilize our website to promote themselves). Our website needs to provide easily accessed planning tools and travel recommendations for potential visitors as well as demonstrate ROI for our partners and the community.
We currently track and report website visits, time on site, bounce rate, downloads, and newsletter signups to measure success and we would like to offer more in-depth reporting such as sales and outbound traffic to partner sites.

1. CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (CMS): SKYTC requires a non-technical CMS interface to edit and update the content on the site. Below is a high-level overview of objectives with the new CMS. Describe how your firm will provide a web-based content management system (CMS) that will update the site in real time, eliminating multiple steps and providing a single update mechanism.

• Site Map & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The site should be designed and built with search engine optimization in mind and meet industry best practices.
• Enhanced User Experience – The site should be designed and include functionality that allows for an enhanced and personalized user experience, driving travelers to visitshelbyky.com.
• Page Creation, Tracking & Coding – The CMS should allow for users to create pages, templates and tracking mechanisms with little or no knowledge of HTML.
• Admin Functionality – The CMS should allow for admin functionality in a variety of ways. A complete list of these requirements is outlined below in the “Specific Functions and Features – Website CMS & Design” portion of the RFP Packet.
• General Website Functionality & Expectations – The CMS should be available in multiple languages and include advanced search capabilities.
• Website Design – The website should feature a highly-engaging design that allows for an enhanced user experience and engagement through CMS tools.

2. SPECIFIC FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES – WEBSITE CMS & DESIGN: The new website at a basic level will contain all current information and features. It should be understood that all references to the Content Management System (CMS) features that are described should require little or no knowledge of HTML.

A. Site Map & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The site should be designed and built with search engine optimization in mind and meet industry best practices.

• Detailed Site Map – A detailed site map of the new website must be provided.
• Redirects & Indexing – Appropriate redirects from the current website URLs to the newly reorganized sitemap URLs must be handled by the vendor to ensure a minimal loss in website traffic. Vendor must also submit sitemap to Google for indexing to minimize loss of website traffic.
• Search Engine Optimization – The site must enable both standard and customized SEO on all pages of the site. This should include keywords, page titles, meta tags and meta description. The CMS should include a way of inputting SEO for new pages added to the site.
• Statistics and User Tracking Systems – The proposal must include a plan for gathering user data and statistics. The tracking database should exclude host address and the web provider’s host address. The tracking system should also include some way to track users’ clickthrough to other web links. Google Analytics is currently in place and the code needs to be used on the new site and no loss of past data should incur.
• Schema & Open Graph Tagging – The site should have Schema and Open Graph tagging capabilities.

B. Existing Business Partner Integration – Required to integrate existing business partner accounts seamlessly with the new CMS/website development and design.

• Partner Listings – partner listings (e.g. hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc) should display within relevant sections of the website via listings overview pages as well as listings detail pages.
o This must also include the Meeting Planning Services and Meeting Rooms that are associated with business listings.
• Calendar of Events – The calendar will be associated with partner listings and should be displayed on the website via its own dedicated calendar of events page(s), as well as integrated within the partner listings themselves. This can be displayed via an events tab on the listing detail page of a partner listing.
• Deals/Special Offers/Seasonal Promotions/Coupons – A special offers section should live on the website that is directly tied to partner listings (such as hotel packages). This should also integrate within the partner listings themselves. This can be displayed via a special offers tab on the listing detail page of a partner listing.
• Media Assets – Media assets, associated with partner listings, should be pulled from existing data and displayed on the website via listings overview pages as well as listing detail pages.
• Forms – SKYTC has several online forms for our various clients (Destination Guide, e-newsletter signups, etc). This collected data must continue to be captured uninterrupted.

C. Enhanced User Experience – Following are required functional capabilities within the CMS to allow for an enhanced user experience, which will ultimately drive conversions.

• Microsite Builder – The site should be equipped to build microsites for various partners and incoming convention planners, one day events or week-long festivals. The microsites should be searchable and incorporate information from all website elements including the partner listings, calendar of events, mapping, packages and media assets.
• Mapping & Responsive Geo Triggers – The website should include responsive geo triggers and interactive maps per listing and utilize Google Maps. The site design should allow for expanding the mapping function. These interactive maps should allow visitors to select hotels, restaurants, merchants, attractions and/or events.
• Media Asset Management – The CMS should include a media asset library tool that allows to place a gallery of photos and videos on specific pages of the website for visitors to view. This should be easy to modify and upload new images.
• Social Sharing – The site should allow for individual pieces of content (such as events, blog articles and listings) to be shared straight from the website to social platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
• RSS Feeds – The site should allow for website visitors to subscribe to areas of the website (such as blog posts, calendar of events, news releases and other “feeds”) via an RSS feed functionality.

D. Page Creation, Tracking & Coding – The CMS should allow for users to create pages, templates and tracking mechanisms with little or no knowledge of HTML.

• Homepage Modification –requires having access to modify and make changes to the home page.
• Page Template Options– The vendor should provide several template options (including a banner / header image template) that allows the website to have a diverse, content-rich design.
• Landing Pages – Within the site there will be several landing pages for specific vanity domain names. These landing pages should be able to take on a unique identity yet still function off the main database.
• Tracking Pages – The CMS should allow for the creation of a tracking page so can monitor user conversions such as downloading a visitor guide, signing up for the e-newsletter, or responding to a printed or digital advertisement.
• Vanity URLs –should maintain the ability to create and activate vanity URLs at a moment’s notice and this feature should be available to most administrators.
• Content Style Sheets (CSS) – CSS technology is utilized for the design of all pages. SKYTC should have the option to modify, override, and add new CSS styles to the template for special promotions. The CSS should be modifiable and keep the user interface in mind in regard to font size and page layout.
• Preview – The CMS should have a preview function that shows how the website appears across all devices, including mobile and tablet.

E. Admin Functionality – The CMS should allow for admin functionality in a variety of ways including the following:
• Admin Users – The CMS should have an easy user interface that will function for multiple users with the option of administrator access and security protected levels of access within the CMS.
• Validation Functionality – The CMS should allow for admin to easily validate and approve or deny business listings and events from publishing and being made live on the site.

F. General Website Functionality & Expectations – Following are general website functionality and expectations as they relate to the CMS.

• Multiple Languages –The proposed website should be available in Spanish with the option to add additional languages in the future. This can be handled via an integration with Google Translate.
• Cookie Consent Tool – The CMS should easily integrate a Cookie Consent pop-up into the site to allow visitors to Accept/Deny a Data Storage Policy.
• Weather Tool – The CMS should easily integrate a live weather tool to allow visitors to access weather updates (live and forecasted) for SKYTC.
• Advanced Search – The site should have built-in advanced search capabilities that search through the entire database and all contents and provide anchors on the pages to target the search. The search function should also contain a database-capture system to enable monitoring of the words and phrases users are searching to better modify the site. The system should have an option to omit pages from the search function to keep specific pages hidden as desired. The search section will ignore common words.

G. Website Design – The website should feature a highly-engaging design that allows for an enhanced user experience and engagement. Following are design elements & functionality that should be incorporated into the new website.

• Responsive Design – The entire site should be dynamically responsive in design and be able to function on desktop PCs, tablets and mobile web browsers and platforms including but not limited to iOS, Android and Blackberry.
• Scrolling / Slideshow Elements – The site design should incorporate rotating or scrolling elements that allow for a highly-engaging website where upcoming events, blog articles and other content can be featured. The site should also include a way to highlight featured events within Calendar of Event overview pages.
• Photos & Video Content – All photos and videos on the site should have an enlarging function (lightbox) that allows users to click on a photo to see it in a larger format. All photos and videos supplied photo archives will need to be properly credited when used on the site and copyright information will need to be embedded in larger photos to prevent theft. The vendor will work with staff to identify the imagery necessary to develop the site to its fullest potential.

H. Other

• Training – Ample training will be provided by the vendor to ensure a minimum of two employees are skillfully adept at updating pages and functioning in the CMS.

3. Eligibility
All individuals, businesses, and organizations are eligible to submit a proposal for design services.

4. Period of Performance
Work is to be completed by July 1, 2021. Email associated with the site MUST stay in working order during the complete creation, design, and implementation process.

5. Submission Requirements
• Cover letter briefly explaining your professional background illustrating ability to fulfill the tasks described above, and why you are interested in designing a website for the ShelbyKY Tourism Commission & Visitors Bureau;
• Work plan (limit 3 pages), including cost of webpage design and an hourly rate for supplemental design and maintenance work;
• Resume or curriculum vitae;
• A listing of links of examples/samples of work, including ONLY active websites. Must provide at least 3 examples, those in the tourism/hospitality industry preferred.

6. Proposal Review Process
Proposals will be evaluated by a committee of the Tourism Commission for the following attributes:
• Understanding of the SKYTC’s Internet Needs / Desires
• Experience
• Cost

7. Timetable
February 19, 2021 Deadline for submitting proposals
February 23, 2021 Announce selection of web design provider

8. Ownership of Website and Contents
All graphics, images, databases, search engines, web pages, sources, hyperlinks, and any other materials, or website components created for this contract are the express property of the ShelbyKY Tourism Commission & Visitors Bureau. This is a requirement under contracting procedures and the successful contractor must agree to this provision. The SKYTC will have creative input and will be the final decision maker on design.

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