Re: Invitation to Bid: Shelby County Wayfinding Signage Program

The additional attachments included are the Design Intent Documents for Wayfinding signage fabrication and installation throughout Shelby County, Kentucky. This bid document includes vehicular directional signage, parking directional & identification signage, and pedestrian directionals with maps. The complete bid document consists of: 1. Message Schedule, 2. Location Plans, 3. Design Detail Drawings, and 4. a .kmz file (google earth.)

The Design Indent Drawings attached are for estimating costs of materials, sign types and sizes. Bidders shall carefully examine the documents including samples, prototype and responsibilities of the fabricator, including any site visit for exact placement and obstructions. Failure to do so shall in no way relieve the Bidder from any obligation with respect to his/her Bid. All requests for clarification of the meaning of the Drawings shall be addressed by in email directly to Swath Design ( All responses to questions will be emailed to all bidders.

All signage should meet KYDOT guidelines for roadway safety of break-away signage. Some signs may be installed by City Departments, but the majority will be the responsibility of the chosen bidder. City/County installation permits are the responsibility of the chosen bidder. The Client has submitted these same documents to KYDOT for the “Application for Encroachment Permit.”

Value engineering suggestions are welcome, but quality of materials is primary. Where value engineering is proposed, please indicate the change in material or fabrication methods for each sign type effected. However for the purpose of comparative bids, please provided a bid based on these riginal drawings with the value engineering price as an alternative.

After a bidder has been selected, Swath Design will work with that bidder through the fabrication and installation process including approvals of samples and prototypes. A system should also be developed so that the client can order additional signs in the future as well as providing maintenance of the signage.

The due date for bids is August 17th. Bids will not be awarded based on the lowest bidder, but based on the owners discretion. The bids should also include any warranty, maintenance and service contracts should they apply.

Bids and samples should be submitted to:

Chenelle McGee President / CEO Shelby KY Tourism & Visitor Bureau 1011 Main Street Shelbyville, KY 40065

And a copy of the bid to: Ric Snodgrass Swath Design 37 West Seventh St. Suite 901 Cincinnati, OH 45202



Outline of Bid Format

Please submit bids based on the following divisions:

A. Unit Sign Cost 1. Listing quantities of each sign type (see page 2 Message Schedule) 2. List unit cost per sign 3. State where a cost saving may occur due to quantity

B. Installation Costs 1. List unit cost per sign 2 . State where a cost saving may occur due to quantity

C. Demolition Costs 1. List cost to remove existing signage, foundation or other obstruction(s)

D. Repair Existing 1. List cost to repair any existing surface imperfection that may visually impact signage when installed

E. Permits and Professional Services

1. List all cost to produce above signage to meet local, regional, state codes and regulations.

F. Prototypes, samples, additional requests 1. List all cost to produce prototypes and samples (see drawings noted)

G. Total Sign Cost 1. Total all above that apply ( please use page 2 of the Message Schedule as a guide pricing the sign types and quantities)

General Notes:

  1. All questions should be directed to Swath Design, not client.
  2. Owner will notify designer of chosen bidder after bids are submitted and reviewed.
  3. If a Phased approach is requested, all future phases should be estimated for installation. It is understood that prices are subject to an increase if fabrication is delayed. Bidders pricing should be able to be maintained for at least 1 year from the award date.
  4. Value engineering is allowed and should be indicated as an alternative.
  5. Unit costs will be used to help determine what signs and how many signs will be fabricated at any time. Therefore, unit costs should reflect an accurate representation of the total cost per sign type.

Please notify designer if there is a considerable cost saving to build in quantities of scale, please indicate as such on the bid documents in a separate column.

Thank you for taking the time to considering bidding. Please feel free to call with any questions.

Ric Snodgrass Senior Project Manager Swath Design, LLC