bike friendly shelbyky

Ride the rural routes in Shelbyville and Simpsonville for stunning scenery and outdoor adventure. Pedal your way across Shelby County on miles and miles of newly opened, scenic bike trails.

Cycle the county

Avid bikers and outdoor enthusiasts can now explore Shelby County via 12 cycling routes that cover 346 miles of gently rolling hills, picturesque parks and paved country roads. The byways and highways of the county are all utilized, from parking lots to county parks and many roads in between.

Rural Riding

Passing by golf courses, an arboretum, horse and dairy farms, shopping centers and an apple orchard, cyclists will find an amazing array of sights and sounds encompassing the 12 bike routes, each offering its own distinct charm and beauty. Riders with varied interests will get an up-close and personal glimpse of the countryside on these routes.