When the roof on the old post office caught fire in 2019, it could have sent the impressive brick structure and its 24-panel windows crashing to the ground.

The blaze could have left another irreplaceable hole in quaint, downtown Shelbyville.

But someone spotted the embers glowing just in time, and firefighters saved almost all of the iconic, nine-decade-old building at 701 Main St. From one side of those antique windows, the growing downtown district along Main Street is a mix of modern facilities and historic structures. From the other, it’s a time capsule to a simpler time where post offices served as epicenters in small communities.

Structures like this post office are the embodiment of history, and without a little love, they’re all in danger of crumbling down and becoming just another empty lot. Many stakeholders came together to pump $79,000 into restoring 18 antique wooden windows, which was the phase in bringing the building back after the fire. 

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