Shelby County, Kentucky, is known internationally as the American Saddlebred Capital of the World®, home of the “Horse that America Made.” Rich in heritage and an important part of Shelby County history, the American Saddlebred, once known as the “Kentucky Saddler,” descended from riding-type horses bred here at the time of the American Revolution. Because of the breed’s elegant, calm nature and trainability, American Saddlebreds have been used historically for military use, in the movie industry, and for personal sport. Its popularity grew throughout the twentieth century, and American Saddlebreds can now be found worldwide.

For horse show enthusiasts and competing equestrian professionals, ShelbyKY is the center for some of the most competitive and renowned equestrian events in Kentucky, with many places to stay nearby. Some upcoming events include:

And, ShelbyKY is only a short drive to some of the most popular equestrian venues and events in Kentucky.