Miles        Total


Start at Carriss’ Grocery at 44 and 53 (Mt. Eden Rd and 44 – flashing lights)
Park on either side of 44 west (Southville Pike) 0 0
  Head east on 714 (Hempridge Rd) 4.25 4.25
Left on 2866 (Woodlawn) –  Hit the down hills to get the up-hill 4 8.25
Right on 1790 (Hooper Station) – look for RR x at 9.5 2.5 10.75
Right on 714 3 13.75
Left on Bardstown Trail (after 2ndset RR tracks)

-Note: Sharp uphill climb just past Buzzard Roost Rd

3 16.75
Straight on Bardstown Trail crossing 395 / Waddy Rd                                        -  --  Note:  Optional Stop at Loves Truckstop 4.5 21.25
 Right to 1472 / Hickory Ridge 6 27.25
Right onto 395 (Harrisonville community) 2 29.25
Left onto Pea Ridge (Rollers with big downhill at mile 31) 5 34.25
Right onto 44 1.25 35.5
Return to Carriss store 0 35.5


Summary:  35.5 miles in Southeastern Shelby County.   Begins and ends at Carriss Grocery.  Lots of variety on this ride with some flats combined with tough hills.  Exercise great caution the first time you take this ride.  The roads can be rough on Woodlawn, there are steep up hills Hempridge and  Bardstown Trail, and a very steep descent on Pea Ridge to 44.  You will earn a refreshment at Carriss when you have finished this ride.

The Ride

This ride features a nice warm-up the first 4 miles on 714/Hempridge Rd.  Once you turn on Woodlawn/2866 the “fun” hills begin. Bridge counting starts on Hooper Station.  On Hooper Station you will cross the first of 2 sets on RR tracks.  BE cautious riding over both sets! Right on 714 you begin ascent to highest point in Shelby County and great downhill.  Be prepared to down shift as you climb at mile 15 small but steep uphill with right angled curve.  Descent to Bardstown Trail with 2ndset of RR tracks at end of descent. Immediate left onto Bardstown trail. At mile 16.5 your heart rate is challenged with steep climb from creek bottom at Buzzard Roost to plateau heading into Waddy area. Water break and bathrooms at Love’s truck stop.  Have you been counting the bridges?   Continue on Bardstown Trail for lovely ride and nice easy descent.  Right onto Hickory Ridge and into Harrisonville, then left onto Pea Ridge for fun rollers.  One last descent at end of Pea Ridge with an immediate right and one last climb up 395 into Southville.  Did you find all 13 Bridges?

Special notes: 

Carriss’ Store is an old time country store.  Best burgers and home cooking in Shelby County. Plus you can find anything from hot dog buns to wrenches there.  Vivian and June Lisby can tell you where everyone lives and what goes on for 10 square miles.  Be sure to stop in and say hi.  Carriss’ is not open Sunday, but they do have ice cold soda machines and a front stoop to rest your legs!

Hempridge Road is so named as in the early 1900s hemp was THE crop in KY and in this particular area.   Farmers sold their crops to the Hemp Buyer who visited each farm.   Stories are told of the “Buyer” who had a pet squirrel that road everywhere is his human’s suit pocket.

The 714 right turn takes you up to the highest point in Shelby County.  Peer to the west toward Louisville to see as far as you can see!

Bardstown Trail Road provides a cyclist with everything you need – great cruising speed, difficult hill and even better downhill.

Hickory Ridge takes you into Harrisonville and around a couple 90 degree curves.  Just stay on Hickory Ridge to 395.  Look for Pea Ridge on your left after Back Creek (636).  Pea Ridge is almost hidden over a top of a little hill. Then be ready for fun on the rollers!  Look for large swiss chalet log home with a copper roof on your left – that tells you are about to make the last descent to 44.  YOU WILL NEED TO USE YOUR BRAKES AND BE WATCHING FOR TRAFFIC AT BOTTOM OF HILL! Turn right and climb the last hill past Salem Church on your right into Southville.