Meet the Farmer: Chelsey Schlosnagle of Chelsey’s Gourmet Pastured Eggs

Ten years ago, a young girl on a rural farm in a place called Pleasureville was given 20 or so hens. She began selling the hens’ eggs to family and friends and eventually grew her fledgling enterprise into a full-on, money-making business.

“I always knew I would farm, but I never thought it would be possible to be a full-time farmer,” she said. “Growing up, I wanted to be everything from a veterinarian to a school teacher, but my childhood on a family farm has given me experiences and exposed me to a culture that I value immensely.”

Chelsey today

A sixth generation farmer and small business owner, Chelsey knows first-hand the importance of supporting small businesses.

“In a marketplace getting overrun by international corporations, the most important task I can devote my time to is producing food that will feed my local community, and doing my best to contribute to a thriving economy with strong ties to consumers.”

The famous chickens

Participating in the Kentucky Proud program is a key component of this undertaking.

“This awesome resource has helped us purchase promotional items such as t-shirts and freezer bags and even eggs cartons, and the Restaurant Rewards Program has been critical in linking us directly with our local restaurants,” she said. “On the grocery store side, the Kentucky Proud logo is incredibly important in helping consumers who want to spend their dollars locally identify with those farm businesses, such as Chelsey’s Eggs, operating within our state.”

Thanksgiving turkeys

In addition to the eggs, Chelsey and her family raise grass-finished beef from its herd of registered Angus cattle and raise and sell pastured chickens and seasonal holiday turkeys for Thanksgiving. Dutch Creek Farm is Animal Welfare Approved by the organization, A Greener World, and Certified Grassfed by The American Grassfed Association.

But back to the eggs and what makes them “gourmet.”

Part of this can be attributed to an unlimited access to pastures containing a variety of native grasses and legumes, in addition to turnips, radishes and occasionally pumpkins that the hens enjoy. A range of pastureland is another reason.

Chelsey’s Gourmet Pastured Eggs

“We really strive to enhance the diversity of the chicken pastures, to enhance the nutritional value and taste of the eggs,” explained Chelsey. “Eggs from our hens are higher in omega 3 fatty acids, beta carotene and vitamin A and E. They are also lower in saturated fat and cholesterol.

“When you crack one of our eggs, the yolk will be brighter and you’ll be able to see the difference in the color and structure of the yolk.”

(L to R) Susan, Doug, Jared and Chelsey Schlosnagle

Dutch Creek Farm is owned by the Schlosnagle Family: Doug, Susan, Jared and Chelsey. They welcomes visitors, but prefer that tours are scheduled in advance. Call 502-321-2727 or 502-257-2084.

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Chelsey’s Gourmet Pastured Eggs can be found at the St. Matthews Farmers Market at Beargrass Christian Church in Louisville. They can also be purchased directly from Chelsey by calling or texting 502-257-2084. Chelsey offers free home delivery on orders of $50 or more to those in the Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville, Shelbyville and Lagrange areas. Additionally, she will be offering a Traveling Grocery once she has truck and equipment in place.

Keep up with Chelsey and Chelsey’s Gourmet Pastured Eggs on Facebook.