Of the many wonderful things to do in Shelby, a universal favorite is horseback riding. The many horse farms in the area offer tours, lessons, and chances to see award-winning horses compete in competitions you can’t see anywhere else. With upwards of ninety horse farms and training facilities in Shelby county, there is no better place to try out horseback riding than the American Saddlebred Capital of the World. Whether you’re looking to take a tour of an authentic horse farm for the first time or you’re a longtime fan of equestrian sports, there are plenty of horse farms to add adventure to your mornings and afternoons no matter what the season. Events, farm tours, and unique lodging options can all be found in ShelbyKY.

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Shelbyville Horse ShowHorse Show

Mark your calendars for 2023! The world-renowned display of the American Saddlebred horse breed is incomparable. Don't miss out — catch the excitement the first week of August, coming next year!

Léttleiki IcelandicsAn Icelandic horse at Léttleiki Icelandic Horse farm in Shelby County, Kentucky.

An internationally recognized center for Icelandic horses, Léttleiki Icelandics is the only Icelandic horse farm in Kentucky. Léttleiki is the Icelandic word for “lightness,” a nod to the farm’s desire to create harmony between the light movements of rider and horse in training. While they host some of the largest Icelandic horse events and competitions in the country, Léttleiki also offers private individual and group lessons in the spring and fall. Take a tour of their facilities and learn about the unique Icelandic horse breeds they board. No matter what your level as a rider, you’ll find Léttleiki’s facilities and horses fascinating, friendly, and enjoyable.

Kismet FarmA rider on an American Saddlebred horse in Shelby County, Kentucky, the American Saddlebred Capital of the World.

Kismet Farm is a classic Kentucky horse farm in the heart of American Saddlebred country. Located to the west of Shelbyville in Simpsonville, Kismet operates as a full-service show horse farm. They offer riding lessons for all ages and ability levels, so they’re the perfect place to bring your family for an afternoon of fun or to try out a new activity with some friends. Amateurs can improve their skills and those new to equestrian can try out a new hobby with welcoming and easygoing instructors. Private tours of the farm, available both for individuals and large groups, are by appointment only.

West Meadow FarmHorses grazing in the pasture at West Meadow Farm in ShelbyKY, the American Saddlebred Capital of the World

If you’re looking for a classic thoroughbred farm, look no further than West Meadow Farm. They love to connect people with animals and nature, and their care for horses showcases that well. Horses of all sizes and ages call the farm home. When you visit, you’ll find foals, older mares, young horses, and even retired racing horses running across the meadows. The farm is available by appointment for tours, corporate and private events, parties, and even educational classes to help you learn more about the wonderful world of horses!


One of the area's newest horse farms open to the public, Horsesensing operates as an equine therapy and recovery farm. It originally began as a way to help veterans deal with PTSD and has since expanded into a wider variety of equine therapy, including horse yoga, grooming and training classes, and drug and alcohol relapse prevention programs. If your business is looking for a fun and insightful bonding activity, Horsensing offers corporate training to groups of five to ten people. For anyone looking to experience healing through equine therapy, consider booking one of Horsesensing’s all-day psyche sessions to take a deep dive into yourself.

Shelby Trails ParkHorseback riding at Shelby Trails Park

Shelby Trails Park contains everything you love and want in a classic Kentucky horseback riding experience. The park’s four hundred acres are criss-crossed with twenty-one miles of trails. No matter your skill level, the park offers a diverse landscape of flat land, hills, creek crossings, and more to challenge you or give you a relaxing afternoon on horseback. If you don’t own your own horse, you can rent horses onsite before you hit the trails. Ride at your own pace and leisure or book a guided tour through the Red Fern Riding Center with friends. Red Fern also offers riding lessons if you want to brush up on your skills in anticipation of trail riding.

Cerulean Farms Bed & BreakfastHorse at Cerulean Farm Bed & Breakfast

For those looking for an all-inclusive farm experience, Cerulean Farms Bed & Breakfast offers an overnight stay in a renovated and historic farmhouse built in 1860. As the only combination guest and horse bed and breakfast in the state, you can even bring your own horse when you stay the night. Enjoy a comfortable night in one of four horse-themed rooms, sweeping views from the wraparound porch, and a delicious breakfast before heading out onto the farm. Cerulean is a great option for any weekend getaway, whether it’s a girls trip, a honeymoon, business or writer’s retreat, or mini family vacation! Relax with indoor games and outdoor activities like s’mores, trail riding, and farm tours. 

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No matter what horse farm you visit in Shelby, you’ll find welcoming people and friendly horses with whom to spend your days. There’s nothing like a weekend adventure of trail rides, farm tours, and maybe even a horse show to display the best that Kentucky farms have to offer! Even after twenty years, the Shelbyville Horse Show fills the state with excitement and competitive spirit during the first weekend in August. People come from all over to experience the American Saddlebred Capital of the World, so we hope to see you out riding soon!

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