Start at Public Parking Lot in Shelbyville on Main Street between the Shelbyville Heritage Center (627 Main St) and VFW Post 1179

Miles      Total


Left on Washington St  0 0
Right on 7thStreet  0  0
Straight Thru Flashing Light .5 .5
7th Street becomes Burks Branch Rd    
Straight across Freedom’s Way 1.7 2.3
Right on Fox Run Rd 2.5 4.8
Right on Eminence Pike (KY55) 1.0 5.8
Left on Clear Creek Rd .5 6.3
Left on Bellview (Name of Rd not marked) 1.6 7.9
Go Straight at Washburn Intersection 1.1 9.0
Cross Mulberry at the Stop Sign 1.6 10.6
Right on Cropper Rd  (KY43) .1 10.7
Left on KY12   1.3
Right on Stapleton .6 2.6
Right on Vigo 1.8 14.4
Left on Cranbourne-Grange  (1871) 1.9 16.3
Right on Benson   (1779) 1.3 17.6
Continue on Benson Rd Straight Thru 1871 Intersection .2 17.8
Bear Right Toward KY 55 1.5 19.3
Cross KY 55 into Parking Lot with Taco Bell on your left 2 9.5
Go straight keeping Rural King to your right and pass Rural King .0 19.5
Bear to the left and go down the hill .2 19.7
Right on Washington St .1 19.8
Left into Parking Lot   .6


Summary:             Every Monday night at 6pm cyclists meet at the 6thand Main Coffee Shop in Shelbyville for the Monday Night Ride.   It is a good ride for both experienced riders and newbies who want to test their abilities. There are a variety of small to moderate hills.


The Shelby County Detention Center

Look to the left at the blinking light (.5 miles), and you will see the “New Jail.”   Shelby County makes money housing prisoners from other counties as well as those waiting transfer to state facilities. The prisoners have a garden behind the facility.   Remember this because you will see the “Old Jail” near the end of your ride.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek (1.2miles) runs for 24 miles through Shelby County and wraps around the City of Shelbyville.  You will cross the creek several times along this ride. Downstream to your left as you cross at this point the creek is lined with rocks where the original water plant for Shelbyville is located.  Just to the right is Lake Shelby which was the second water source.  The City now gets its water from Guist Creek Lake.

There are eagle sightings in this area so keep an eye toward the sky.  You will encounter some very nice rollers as you near Fox Run on Burks Branch Road.

Cry Baby (Graffiti)  Bridge (7.9)

For some reason, the bridge at the end of Clear Creek Road is called Cry Baby Bridge, though no one knows why.  Local teens assure that It is always covered with Graffiti which has become far more colorful in recent years.

Bellview Road (7.9) is one of the very of the prettiest rides in the summer time.  The trees lining it keep it nice an cool.  When you get to the end and cross Mulberry you can take a detour of about .5 to the left along Mulberry and visit Mulberry Orchard known for its delicious cider donuts.  Otherwise, keep going to Cropper Rd (KY 43.)

At the corner to Stapleton and KY12 (12.6) is one of the largest home flower and vegetable gardens in Shelby County.   In the summer every week seems to bring a different set of colors.   Stapleton Road is interesting, because you can tell how it followed the property lines of the farms.

Gallrein Farms (15.3) on Vigo Road is a regional supplier of sweet corn to restaurants and grocery stores.  They have their own restaurant and bakery as well as farm fresh vegetables, a petting zoo, nine greenhouses full of gorgeous flowers in the spring, hayrides to the pumpkin patch in the month of October and much more.

Once you have taken your tour of the Rural King Parking Lot and headed down the hill you are on Washington Street.  Note the “Big Fish” banner on the side of the Stanley-Casey House which was built in 1870. The “Fish” is part of the Shelbyville Public Art Project.  There are 13 banners around town.

The “Old Jail” sits to your left on Washington Street just past Fifth Street..   Build in 1892, it was still housing prisoners 100 years later.   It was referred to as the “White Rock Motel.”

Just down from the Jail on the other side of the street is Wakefield Scearce Galleries. The galleries sell old English Antiques. Science Hill was a girls boarding school.  If you want to entertain your mother and grandmother, take them to lunch at Red Lion and then tour the school. If you want to entertain your dad and granddad stop in for a beverage at their Red Lion Pub.