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Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month with Your Perfect Drink at Jeptha Creed

It’s National Bourbon Heritage Month, y’all—the perfect excuse to grab some friends and enjoy a night out at Jeptha Creed, our Shelby-local distillery.  Every Friday night, Jeptha Creed’s backyard is open to the community for Jammin’ at Jeptha, which features live music, food, corn hole, and of course, signature cocktails.

Only question is, what will you be drinking?  I don’t know about you, but what I order Friday night totally depends on what went down Monday through Friday.  Maybe it was a rough week, and to help my recovery, all I want is that sweet Kentucky mash, smooth in the glass.  Or maybe I’m celebrating with my girls (they’re getting married left and right these days) and I want to switch it up with some craft-cocktail whose ingredients I can’t pronounce.

Lucky for me, Jeptha Creed’s employees are more than happy to help all customers find their perfect drink, no matter what mood they bring to the bar.

Bartender MacKenzie has worked for Jeptha Creed since 2016, and after pouring me a delightful New Fashioned, she shared with me the Jeptha Creed-specialties she likes to recommend most to customers—based on how they’re feeling that night.

The Bad Day:

So the work-week left you feeling a little destructive?  Jeptha Creed’s got you covered with specialty cocktails served with a flame. Cheer up with The Bonfire, or as MacKenzie calls it, “a s’more in a glass.”  Or take it up a notch with Flamin’ Strawberry Fields. Let it burn, or pour the flaming still-proof vodka to add a smoky seal to the fruity Moonshine mix. Or if neither of those suits your fancy, you can always smoke any cocktail for $1.

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The Good Time:

The mood is right, and the night calls for a celebration.  Look no further than Jeptha Creed’s crowd-pleasing Slushies.  They’ve got the alcohol of a cocktail paired with the sugar of a sweet dream, with featured flavors like bourbon (duh), strawberry whiskey, and blueberry lavender lemonade.

The Comfort Seeker:

Some nights, you just want to cozy up with flavors you know you love. Jeptha Creed makes it easy with their Build Your Own Mule menu. Pair any spirit with any of Jeptha’s home-grown herbs (basil, mint, rosemary), and enjoy the perfect ginger beer sipper.

The Adventurer:

Feeling something new?  Jeptha Creed offers a selection of Barrel Aged Cocktails, perfect for anyone looking for something they can’t get anywhere else.  These one-of-a-kind bourbon-cocktails are aged with all their ingredients, from honey simple syrup, coffee liqueur, to apply brandy.

Did I miss your mood?  Find your flavors and visit Jeptha Creed, and be sure to check out their website for more drink descriptions and recipes!