Start at Public Parking Lot in Shelbyville on Main Street between the Shelbyville Heritage Center (627 Main St) and VFW Post 1179


Miles     Total



Left on Washington St  0  0
Right on 7th Street  0  0
Straight Thru Flashing Light .5 .5
7th Street becomes Burks Branch Rd
Straight across Freedom’s Way 1.7 2.3
Left on Fox Run Rd 2.5 4.8
Right on Orphan’s Lane .6 5.4
Left on Geoghegan 1.9 7.3
Left on La Grange Rd (KY53) 1.3 8.6
Right on Aiken .3 8.9
Left on Hebron 1.5 10.4
Left on Harrington Mill at Scott Station split 3.7 14.1
Cross Freedom’s Way 1.9 16.0
Right on LaGrange Rd (KY53) .6 16.6
Cross Washington 1.4 18.0
Left on Main St .0 18.0
Left at Parking Lot in Shelbyville on Main Street 1.9 19.9


Summary: We call this the Rookie Hill Ride, because it is a great test of the types of hills we have in Shelby County without getting to far out of town.  If someone can handle the hills on this ride, they can meet all the challenges the County has to offer, except for the North East Corner.   We will save that for later.


The area at the blinking light (.5) is referred to as Snow Hill which as a working class “suburb” of Shelbyville around WWII.


Freedom Way

Generally referred to as the ByPass (1.7), road construction exposed a treasure trove of fossils.   You can pick brachiopods out of the layers of shale which are approximately 360 million years old.   If you want to take kids fossil hunting and worry about the roads, the safe place to hunt is behind Walmart.


Fox Run

Fox Run Creek borders Fox Run Road (4.9).  For some reason, every year it seems at least one teen manages to slide a car off this section of the road right down the hill into the creek.





Hebron Road

There are some really great old farms and farm houses on Hebron Road.  A well kept secret, not visible from the road, is the wholesale mum farm near the crossing of Bull Skin Creek.  All the mums sold at the Kroger stores is the Greater Louisville Area in the area are grown right here.


LaGrange Road KY 53

As you turn off Harrington Mill onto LaGrange Rd KY 53 (16.6) the end of your ride, you are introduced to Shelbyville.  You pass the Shelbyville Country Club on your left and then the Fairgrounds on your right. This also serves as the site of the Shelbyville Horse Show.  Shelby County is the Saddlebred Capital of the World and the Shelbyville Horse Show is nationally known.  Over 400 horses will enter over 60 events over 4 days and  with approximately 15,000 in attendance.


Sears and Roebuck House

If you are waiting at the light at Washington and US 60, look at the house on left between Washington and Main.  This is a mail order house constructed from a kit purchased from Sears and Roebuck.  From about 1908-1940 you could actually buy a house kit consisting of up to 30,000 parts for less than $5,000.


Main Street

Enjoy leisurely riding down Main Street and viewing all the historic old houses.   If you look to the left along Main Street you will see a log cabin which was stripped of its covering and exposed in the early 1970’s by Bob Andriot, who now owns the Bell House on the left in the 700 block.