ShelbyKY may be known for their savory regional dishes such as the Kentucky Hot Brown, Pork Scaloppini, or Kentucky Hot Chicken. However, those with a sweet tooth should not overlook the variety of options for dessert lovers. Sweet or tart. Hot or cold. Shareable or worth fighting over. These scrumptious treats are ShelbyKY staples and must-haves for locals and travelers alike.


Serendipity Kandy Kitchen

If bite-sized treats are your go-to, this kandy kitchen will have you leaving with more than you can handle. Favor upon an entire section dedicated to peanut butter fudge, chocolate covered strawberries, and cake bites! But don’t underestimate their creativity. Local favorites include their Twinkie creations such as the chocolate dipped Twinkie filled with chocolate chip cookie dough or the classic bourbon Twinkie. You might have also heard of their chocolate-covered potato chips which is the perfect harmony between chocolate and a salty snack.


Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company represents a range of truly exceptional chocolate experiences so it’s no wonder their shop is bursting with flavor. The most over-the-top dessert to be had is their Nacho Sundae. With a bed of pita chips coated in cinnamon sugar, loaded with vanilla ice cream and topped off with whipped cream, diced almonds, and a cherry, it’s pretty much worth a trip to enjoy all by itself.


Bell House Restaurant

Whether your coffee is a treat or a necessity, you can pair it with a a homemade pastry to enhance the flavor. Some of the freshest cakes and pies in town are at the one and only, Bell House Restaurant. Their homemade delights are the perfect treat to pair with their house-roasted coffee. Wash their Chocolate Amaretto Cake or Petite Praline Cheesecake down with a fresh-brewed cup of coffee and you’ll be on round three in no time.


Spotz Gelato

If you’ve ever walked down the corner of Sixth and Main, chances are your eyes caught the vibrant colors of this shop. With almost 50 flavors up their sleeves including dairy-free sorbets, guests can expect to hit every sweet tooth. They not only offer delicious handcrafted gelato and sorbet- made from local Kentucky proud ingredients but you can create a “sammie” with cookies and your favorite gelato in between. (Reopening for the season 02/12/2021)


Great American Cookies

What's a dessert list without some fresh baked cookies? Consider letting the talented bakers at Great American Cookie handle dessert. Stop by the shop to choose between a half or full dozen cookie kit of various cookie shapes such as a butterfly, Christmas tree, or a pumpkin and up to 3 different icing colors to decorate at home.


Auntie Anne’s

Auntie Anne’s produces unforgettable, hand-made soft pretzels with flavors ranging from sweet to salty. While the classic cinnamon sugar may be a top favorite, it’s clear that the underdog on the menu is the sweet almond pretzel. This sweet yet salty pretzel is baked fresh and topping with tasty almond crunch and for maximum appeal, you should plan to dunk this pretzel down in caramel dip.



Some of ShelbyKY’s juiciest burgers can be had at Culver’s, but make sure you don’t go so heavy that you forget to save room for their rich and creamy custard shakes. Customize your shakes with classic toppings such as Oreo, cookie dough, fresh strawberries or go out of your comfort zone with marshmallow crème or brownie pieces. Can’t decide? Check in online or over the phone to ask what their flavor of the day is.



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