The month of August is National Golf Month and after a very long year of being stuck inside, we could all use some time outdoors, with fresh air and an activity you can do while social distancing.  ShelbyKY has some amazing options when it comes to golf, Weissinger Hills, Clear Creek and the Shelbyville Country Club.  Whether you are a scratch golfer, just getting started or someone like me who hacks it around from time to time, each course has its own unique style that challenges golfers in different ways.  So, before you book your tee times, check out some of the best and most challenging holes ShelbyKY has to offer.


Clear Creek Golf Course 717 Burks Branch Road Shelbyville, KY 40065

Built in 1989, Clear Creek Golf Course offers “the best of golf at the best of value.”  This 9-hole course, which measure out to around 1700 yards from the tips, offers benefits to both beginning golfers and seasoned vets.  With six Par 3’s and three par 4’s, the course is perfect for those who like to get their fitness in from walking nine.  One round of 9 holes is approximately a two-mile walk.  On top of great golfing opportunities, Clear Creek Golf Course also offers a full practice range with multiple tee areas, and a putting/chipping green if you need to work on your short game.

Hole#4 (240 Yards)

One of the three par 4’s on this 9-hole course provides a great opportunity to take the green on in one shot, but it definitely comes with its own risks.  The left side of the fairway is lined with trees that can easily knock down your shot or block you out completely.  At about 150 yards out and all the way to the green, the right side is protected by water, and watch out for the bulkheads as you never know what kind of bounce, they give you.  The narrow fairway does not leave much room for error on this hole, but if you do decide to go for it, you do not want to be long or you could find yourself under some pine trees.  With the right tee shot, this a great opportunity at an eagle.

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Hole#5 (95 Yards)

This is the shortest hole on the course, but possibly the toughest to hit because the water that surrounds the green can get in your head.  With only a few yards to work with on any side, anything left, short or pushed is going to be wet and will require you to get another ball from the bag and take another hack at it.  Best advice for this hole is to club up and go for the back of the green, and try as hard as you can to ignore the water.  Once you are on solid land and on the green, putting is no easy task as this green has plenty of slope and movement is sure to test your putting skills.


Hole#8 (257 Yards)

The last of the par 4’s on the course, number 8 requires accuracy off the tee.  The entire left side is lined by a creek and beside that is the driving range.  The right side is much more forgiving, but you may run into some tree troubles and possibly could be playing from 7’s fairway if you go too far right.  Your approach shot is crucial as well, as too far over the green or left will leave you in some thick rough or possibly in the creek, if you are going to miss, miss short and give yourself a shot at a decent score.



For anyone who may be new to the game of golf, here are some key words and phrases that can help you be more familiar around the course:

Par – The score that would be expected to be made on a given hole.  (ex. On Par 4’s it is expected to complete the hole in 4 shots)

Hazard – An area on a golf course that can prove difficult to hit from (ex. Tall grass, bunkers, water)

Fairway – The part of the course with shorter cut grass between the Tee Box and the Green.  This area allows you to get better contact on your next shot.

Green – Also known as the putting surface, is where the hole is located and have the shortest grass on the course.  This allows the ball to roll smoothly, almost like carpet.