The month of August is National Golf Month and let’s admit it, we could all use some time outdoors, with fresh air and an activity you can do while social distancing.  ShelbyKY has some amazing options when it comes to golf, Weissinger Hills, Clear Creek and the Shelbyville Country Club.  Whether you are a scratch golfer, just getting started or someone like me who hacks it around from time to time, each course has its own unique style that challenges golfers in different ways.  So, before you book your tee times, check out some of the best and most challenging holes ShelbyKY has to offer in this three-part series.


Weissinger Hills Golf Course 2240 Mt. Eden Road Shelbyville, KY 40065

Designed by Jack Ridge, Weissinger Hills Golf Course opened in 1990 and has cemented itself as one of the top public golf courses in the Louisville area.  Conveniently located just off Interstate 64, at just over 6500 yards from the tips and a par of 72, Weissinger offers a great golf experience for players of any skill level.  Larger greens, and some shorter holes make scoring low a real possibility on some holes, but narrow fairways, water and well-placed bunkers can create a real challenge.

Hole#2 (456 Yards)

The hardest hole, this long par 4 challenges you to get all you can out of every shot.  Hitting the fairway on this hole is vital to having a chance at the green.  Out of bounds markers line the right side, watch going too far right or you could end up in someone’s patio home, while the entire left side is hazard area.  There are two ponds that also guard the left side, the first can be reached on your tee shot, while the second pond guards the greens left side.  This hole is best to stay close to the cart path.  A par here is an accomplishment!!

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Hole#7 (160 Yards)

According to Golf Digest, an amateur golfer’s chances of a hole in one are 12500 to 1 but if today is your lucky day be sure to smile for the camera behind the green.  This hole was once part of the hole in one challenge that would enter the golfer who holed their tee shot into a prize drawing.  Although that program is no longer around, this is a great hole to make a bet with your buddies for closest to the pin.  Now if today is not your 1 in 12500 shot, you will have some work to do on this hole.  The green is protected on all sides, mounds line the left side of the green that will not give you a great stance for your chip, so be sure to practice up hill and downhill lies.  If you go long off the tee a small bunker and some heavy rough await you, not to mention the green runs away from you so controlling your distance on your chip is key.  The worst spot to be though is right, a severe bank and bunkers will make your up-hill wedge shot a tough one.

Hole#10 (324 Yards)

From the tee box #10 is the most picturesque hole on the course, but it can also be the most unforgiving.  A short par 4 that can be a great opportunity at birdie, but to do so you must hit your shot with great distance control.  Another pond lines the entire left side of the fairway, hit your ball too short or with any kind of pull, you’re in the drink.  Go too long and fly the fairway and you are in the trees and mounds, almost always forcing you to lay up or punch out.  The green is protected to the left by more water and on the front right is a bunker.  It is best to hit the front of the green to allow yourself an uphill putt.


For anyone who may be new to the game of golf, here are some key words and phrases that can help you be more familiar around the course:

Par – The score that would be expected to be made on a given hole.  (ex. On Par 4’s it is expected to complete the hole in 4 shots)

Hazard – An area on a golf course that can prove difficult to hit from (ex. Tall grass, bunkers, water)

Fairway – The part of the course with shorter cut grass between the Tee Box and the Green.  This area allows you to get better contact on your next shot.

Green – Also known as the putting surface, is where the hole is located and have the shortest grass on the course.  This allows the ball to roll smoothly, almost like carpet.