Park at The Bluegrass Outlet Mall in the corner of the Mall Parking Lot nearest Culver’s so you can exit onto Veechdale Rd (1399)

Miles       Total                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Miles

Right out of the parking lot going west on Veechdale Rd (1399)
Check to make sure your mileage is correct as you go over the railroad track .4 .4
Pass Majestic Oaks Sub Division on the Right .8 1.2
Right at T where Taylor Wood and Veechdale intersect 1.3 2.5
Right on Fisherville Rd   (148) 2.2
Left on 155 3.8 8.5
Right on Routt Rd (1531) 1.2 9.7
Right on Thurman .8 10.5
Left on Echo Trail 1.9 12.4
Left on Routt Rd (1531) 2.1 14.5
Right on Bradbe      (Flat but rough road) 1.2 5.7
Left on Taylorsville Lake Rd (155) 2.1 17.8
Right on Old Taylorsville Rd .4 18.2
Right on 148 (Yes the sign says Taylorsville Rd) 2.6 20.8
Slight Left onto Clark Station where 148 bears right. 4.1 24.9
       (There is a black sign that says Equestrian Estates)
Left at Stop Sign taking Buck Creek Rd North (1848) 3.4 28.3
Continue Right on Buck Creek (1848) where it intersects Taylorwood 2.6 30.9
Left on Veechdale Rd (1399) 1.1 32.0
Right into Mall Parking lot .1 32.1


Summary:   This is a great ride if you have some friends or family who want to shop and you would rather be on your bike.  Park at the Outlet Mall and be on your way.  Plan to meet in a couple of hours at one of the many restaurants in the area.  This ride takes you into far eastern Jefferson County.   For the most part the roads are good, you will have a couple of nice climbs, and some beautiful scenery.  If they don’t want to spend 2 hours shopping, opt to ride the Leomonade Loop.

The Ride: 

This is a great afternoon ride with lots of shade for a hot, sunny day.  As soon as you cross the railroad track by the Mall, you are in the country.  Make sure you stay single on Veechdale after the Taylorwood T.  You start an uphill and the cars coming the opposite direction come fast and in the middle of the road.   Riding along you can build up a lot of speed.  The hills on Fisherville/Finchville Rd are well graded and make for fun riding.

As soon as you turn on 148 your start a slight downhill that lasts until you get to Fisherville.   You instantly gain a 20 percent improvement in your average speed.   Be careful at the intersection with 155 which is an easy ride.  It is four lane and you can ride on the shoulder.  Once you turn onto Routt Rd, you are back on country roads.  This area of Jefferson County opened up for development once I 265 and Taylorsville Lake were completed, but it has retained much of its old charm.  There is a big up on Echo Trail which changes names several times without your even knowing it.  When you pass C&J Deer Processing on the right, you are now on Old Heady.  Back on Routt Rd, it is straight and flat, but the road is a bit rough.   Bradbe is a fun ride.    Back on 155 you take the right onto Old Taylorsville Rd.   This old road is a beautiful, hilly winding ride.   At the end you are back on 148 where you take a right.  Yes, you now pay for that speed you had earlier in the ride. You have a very gradual uphill all the way to Clarks Station Rd.     This is a narrow single lane,  straight country road.  If you like speed, you will love Buck Creek Road.    Just be careful after you take the right at the Taylorwood intersection. You may encounter more traffic.