The local small businesses, especially in the travel and hospitality industry, are facing unprecedented challenges.

It is more important than ever to reach out to small businesses in ShelbyKY to show your support and we don’t just mean financially. There are countless ways to safely and responsibly help sustain our small businesses.

Here are 10 ways to support local businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Order takeout or delivery: We encourage everyone to continue supporting your local restaurants and businesses while they deal with the effects of the new mandates put in place. Many restaurants in ShelbyKY are still open for curbside, pickup and delivery options. Check out restaurant and other small businesses social media pages for details.

Here is a list of local restaurants’ current delivery/pickup/curbside availability. Please note that this list is fluid and may change over time.

Engage on social media: Speaking of social media, keep up with your favorite local businesses through their social media pages. Many promotional budgets are being cut, social media is one of the only ways businesses can stay engaged and keep customers up to date.

Liking and Sharing their posts are small actions that help businesses reach a wider audience and greatly effect marketing algorithms. Be sure to share a personal experience or tag them in pictures from your last visit.

Buy a gift card: The best thing about gift cards is that you can claim them at any time. Support restaurants, boutiques, salons, and many other small businesses by purchasing a gift card or certificates to redeem later.

Here is a list of local small businesses and restaurants offering gift cards or certificates. Please note that this list is fluid and may change over time.

Leave reviews: Small businesses always appreciate customer feedback and the added boost of high ratings given to them is a fantastic benefit. If you are financially unable to show support, you might consider leaving reviews to businesses you frequent. Make it a family activity by uploading images of letters written by the kiddos showing their support!

Postpone instead of cancelling: Many businesses have adjusted their cancellation policies in light of restrictions. This situation is temporary. Reschedule events, services and trips to a future date instead of canceling or asking for a refund. This is one of the best ways to help keep a small company afloat. 

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Keep Planning: Travel is probably the last thing on your minds and now is not the time to leave the house for anything other than the essentials. But it’s important to stay positive that this will all be over soon (relatively speaking). Which means it’s the perfect time to research your next dream destinations. Look for inspiration online, such as virtual tours, promotional videos or download destination guides. Reach out to friends and ask them about their previous experiences or recommendations.

Staying safe and supporting our community is more vital now than ever before. Our local small businesses especially in the travel and hospitality industry have supported us through some of the most important moments in our life. It’s our turn to support them.